We are hallo, an import and export company of food & beverage


Hallo was founded in Munich, Germany with the main focus on the Food & Beverage sector, by a Brazilian and an Italian entrepreneur.

Moving to Munich made us realize that we could use our commerce and import-export experience in the Food & Beverage Industry to bring the best products from our countries to the German market.

The company has strategic direct partnerships with local producers giving us the possibility to offer our customers high quality products at competitive prices.


We want to help people live better by bringing the joy of eating into their everyday lives.

Our mission from the beginning has been to bring to the German market the highest quality Italian and Brazilian products, as well as to export the German specialties in other markets.

We have pursued this goal by rigorously researching the best products the agricultural world has to offer from the best consortium in Italy and Brazil and making them our strategic partners. 




Hallo offers a large range of high-quality products from the Food & Beverage industry, including BIO products, carefully selected by us directly from the Italian and Brazilian producers. 

Our range of products takes the best that each country has to offer: Organic wine and olive oil from south of Italy, Brazil nuts and coconut water from Brazil and many more. 

Our goal is to offer products that are loved by our customers and that also can be trusted – All our products are certified according to the EU normative.


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